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What is an LMS and related benefits ?

The digital disruption has given rise to the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) across educational institutes. LMS is a software which provides an integrated space for the educators to track and manage the delivery of educational courses. You will be able to impart knowledge to a vast group of learners as well as store all the learning materials on one platform. You can maintain a steady flow of communication with parents, conduct various types of assessment tests in multiple formats, convey the kid’s progress and much more,

Create highly interactive courses and customize

The course content needs to be engaging and challenging for providing an opportunity to the learners for developing a vibrant learning community. Interactive activities could be puzzles, presentations, quizzes, brainstorm sessions, games, and even virtual field trips. Focus should be on providing students with information such as readings and videos lectures, along with involving interactions and practice. You should check in with your students on a regular basis, just as you would in a physical classroom. Make sure that your audience is understanding the discussed concepts.

Add Tests and Exams

LMS offers unique features for making the process of assessment a hassle-free task. Instructors can prepare personalised quizzes comprising of multiple-choice questions, fill ups, true/false etc. to identify how well learners have understood the course content and adjust their teaching accordingly. Along side tests and exams, you can conduct a one-to-one session for getting a qualitative assessment of your students and assist them about their areas of improvement. Moreover, LMS can assist the tutors in the evaluating the progress of students by easily spotting the problems in a student’s performance

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