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    Posted Date:        10/02/2022

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Alongside all the convenience and benefits, online teaching also comes with many difficulties. However, most teachers and teaching institutions have shifted to online teaching as the pandemic engulfed the world in the first half of 2020. Some teachers have successfully bemoaned the change while others have risen to the challenge and taken it in their stride. Although, the best online teaching platforms for teachers such as VRTUZ have successfully helped teachers to successfully tackle the changes.

We are one of the best online teaching platforms, so instead of dwelling on the difficulties and the bad cards that we dealt with, we are here to share some positivity by considering the benefits of online teaching for teachers. Yes, the transition to online teaching is difficult, but there is something about a physical classroom and the ability to read students’ body language or to look students in the eye that cannot be replicated through video conferencing.

But yes, there are several upsides to online teaching that we never expected as well. In this article, we are going to cover seven major benefits of online teaching from the perspective of teachers:

●      Flexible working hours

Flexible work hours are one of the top benefits of online teaching. Once the lessons are online, teachers do not have to wake up before 6 a.m. to be in school by 7.30 a.m. Depending on the after-school activities teachers are committed to staying in the school for long hours and some may only return home late in the evening past 6 p.m.

With online teaching and classes, teachers arable to save on travel time, and we can plan or structure extra activities according to our availability. It is easier and more convenient, and the time saved can be invested in helping weaker students, marking scripts, or even more downtime with our families.

Although, teachers who are devoted to their students’ welfare have to beware of over-commitment and burnout. Teachers should block off timing for some ‘me-time’ to get recharged. Without sufficient rest, teachers will gradually see a fall in their capacity to help students as well. 

●      Working from the comfort of home

Online teaching is best for teachers who can turn a corner of their homes into an office. They can roll out of bed, put on a presentable shirt, and be ready to conduct online sessions. Students and other teaching colleagues can never know what they are wearing below the waistline.

When working from home, teachers are able to enjoy the benefit of shaping their work environment to their desire. If the weather is too warm, they can turn on the air conditioning unit. If the study room is getting too stuffy, teachers can shift to a room with a wider space. The working environment is fully under the control of the teacher.

The teachers should also demarcate home offices from living spaces to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Else, online teaching may become more of a burden than a benefit.

●      Increases the access of students to teachers

The common worry that teachers have is about weaker students who struggled to keep up with the pace of lessons before they fall further behind. Contrary to this belief, students have benefitted from the opportunity of online teaching and learning to seek help from teachers more frequently than they otherwise would have.

In other words, online teaching has ironically made it better for teachers to identify and provide essential guidance for students who face problems with the course content.

As teachers might not know what students are unsure about if they do not speak up or approach after class. There may be a mismatch between what they think students know and what students truly understand. Online teaching helps to bridge this gap and makes it easier for teachers to address the students’ queries.

●      Teachers experience a decrease in administrative work

It is an open secret that teachers spend more time filing papers and handling administrative work than they spend teaching. Over the past years, teachers have been provided with more clerical duties as schools gradually streamline their procedures.

On the above of teaching, marking, and planning lessons, teachers need to draft proposals, account for the school’s spending, and input daily attendance. With the help of online teaching, schools have lesser face-to-face activities and events that need paperwork. Technology is one more reason why teachers have more time to teach instead of fussing over extensive paperwork.

●      Greater opportunities for teachers to earn more

Online teaching also helps teachers by opening up additional streams of income through online tutoring. With different websites, teachers can now register as online tutors and the respective platforms will match them with students who pay for video consultations.

●      Easy to maintain records of online teaching sessions

With the inclusion of so many classes and consultation slots within a day, it may be difficult for teachers to keep track of what they teach to each class. Although, online teaching gives teachers the luxury of recording classes for future reference.

If students are not able to attend an online class, teachers do not have to provide additional time to arrange makeup lessons for them. These recorded lessons and lectures can be shared with absent students, creating no additional trouble for teachers.

●      Easy to update course content

As teachers, we are aware of how annoying it is when we have printed our course notes only to find several typos in them. It appears unprofessional to make the corrections with a pen and it is even worse if these mistakes remain uncorrected and students wind up learning the wrong topics and concepts.

Fortunately, in online teaching, the course materials we upload to online teaching platforms can be easily swapped out for the corrected versions. It is also possible to build up or update the existing resources for ensuring that our online resources remain relevant to the syllabus.


Wrapping It Up

VRTUZ is important for any of those institutions or tutors who are willing to, either completely bring their physical classes to an online platform or supplement their offline classes through online teaching. We have successfully integrated Learning Management System with a Live Virtual Classes platform through which teachers can benefit as they could take live classes along with their pre-recorded audio/videos or even offline classes. We believe that blended learning is the future of the education system and through VRTUZ, we want to increase the relevance of online presence for every type of tutor/educator/instructor.