• Video processing with WebCodecs

    Posted By:            Suraj Maurya

    Posted Date:        10/31/2020

    Category:              Class KG-5

Modern web technologies provide ample ways to work with video. Media Stream APIMedia Recording APIMedia Source API, and WebRTC API add up to a rich tool set for recording, transferring, and playing video streams. While solving certain high-level tasks, these APIs don't let web programmers work with individual components of a video stream such as frames and unmuxed chunks of encoded video or audio. To get low-level access to these basic components, developers have been using WebAssembly to bring video and audio codecs into the browser. But given that modern browsers already ship with a variety of codecs (which are often accelerated by hardware), repackaging them as WebAssembly seems like a waste of human and computer resources.

WebCodecs API eliminates this inefficiency by giving programmers a way to use media components that are already present in the browser. Specifically:

  • Video and audio decoders
  • Video and audio encoders
  • Raw video frames
  • Image decoders

The WebCodecs API is useful for web applications that require full control over the way media content is processed, such as video editors, video conferencing, video streaming, etc.

Current status 

1. Create explainerComplete
2. Create initial draft of specificationComplete
3. Gather feedback & iterate on designIn Progress
4. Origin trialIn Progress
5. LaunchNot started