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"VZ Services LLP" as an established company is relatively new, with August 2021 as the incorporation month and year.

As a start-up company, we have focused to expand the domain of online classes from just being an individualistic setup to a platform for simultaneous usage by many people, and therefore have developed a comprehensive 360-degree e-learning platform/product/service called “VRTUZ”

Short for Virtual Learning Zone, “VRTUZ” is to be read as 'Virtues' thus imbibing qualities such as morality, integrity, trust, and excellence. Our motto is to educate, inspire and motivate people to learn and nurture as many skills as possible.

We have been working on VRTUZ for the past two years now. This service will be advantageous for any of those tutors/institutions who are willing to, either completely bring their physical classes to an online platform or supplement their offline classes through online presence. In VRTUZ we have integrated Learning Management System (LMS) with a Live Virtual Classes platform through which tutors will be benefitted as they could take live classes along with their pre-recorded audios/videos or even offline classes. Blended learning is the future of our education system. The COVID crisis has increased the relevance of online presence for every type of tutor/educator/instructor.

We will be working on the feedback basis, so do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions. We will constantly be updating and improving “VRTUZ” with more features and services. We will try to incorporate as many suggestions as we can but will keep in mind the feasibility of running this platform as well. We aim to develop this platform into a community and develop an all-inclusive environment through which, either the smallest foot-printed tutor in the education sector or the remotest tutor who works hard to bring education to his/her community can also be benefitted. We will also be offering tools, consultation services and training in creating and delivering good quality e-learning content so that both tutors and students can be benefitted.

We are a team of dedicated individuals who have come together to bring this platform to the people. We are experienced Educationists, IT Engineers, Researchers, Graphic Designers, and a group of Management persons to begin with.

Future Ventures:

We are also working on two other services which will supplement our VRTUZ platform. First, is a digital publishing platform which will help tutors and e-learning content creators to easily publish their material as we will be looking to streamline the whole publishing process a lot. Second, will be beneficial for the research persons, as we are working on developing a comprehensive platform which will allow communities from various fields to conduct research, and publish their own research journals. As it is mentioned in our tag line of “EDUCATE | INSPIRE | INNOVATE”, we will always strive towards innovation and will continue to help and support people who are inspiration for others. The journal publishing platform is aimed to take that thought of innovation to the next step.

Thanks for visiting our website and reading through this page.

We are looking forward to your continued association and support!!

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